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There is nothing more satisfying to our Temple Carpenter Ant Extermination experts than solving the complex problem of a carpenter ant infestation for Temple Maine families. Since 1998, family-owned and operated Farmington Maine Pest Control, an Elliott Pest Control LLC division, has provided Temple Carpenter Ant Extermination to residential and commercial buildings.

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During the warmer Maine months, carpenter ants can be a major problem in Temple, Maine. A severe carpenter ant infestation in your Temple, Maine home or business property can be solved by a Temple Carpenter Ant Extermination pro. Once in your home, carpenter ants live primarily in your walls and around plumbing, out of view, and can be doing extensive damage to your property if left neglected. You must contact the Temple Carpenter Ant Extermination team and get our carpenter ant treatments to solve your infestations. And once we solve your problem, we suggest carpenter ant treatments continue from year to year for ultimate carpenter ant protection.

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Temple Carpenter Ant Extermination gets calls for our Carpenter Ant Eradication experience, like in a case where Galleries dug by carpenter ant workers in a barn support beam. Thanks to China Wong, UNH.
Temple Carpenter Ant Extermination is necessary before they get into the soft wood of your buildings.. Thanks to Credit: China Wong, UNH.
Often when out on a Temple Carpenter Ant Extermination job, we'll find rotting trees infested with Carpenter ants. Thanks to wiki commons.

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In the natural world, carpenter ants assist in decomposing dead, rotting trees by mining out the wood to make room for their nesting areas. In some instances, these scavenging carpenter ants might form a colony in one of your buildings or your home, gathering in cavities, such as hollow windows, doors, or the space between walls.

Carpenter ants are a problem for homeowners in the Temple, Maine region. Unlike termites primarily found in Southern Maine, carpenter ants do not forage on the wood in buildings. Instead, they create cavities in the wood where they can nest. If left untreated, carpenter ants can cause significant structural damage to your Temple, Maine home or business’s buildings.

Hiring a Temple Carpenter Ant Extermination Pro and getting a Carpenter Ant Eradication treatment doesn’t mean toxic and hazardous chemicals. Our carpenter ant extermination methods are environmentally safe. Rest secure, Farmington Maine Pest Control, a division of Elliott Pest Control, LLC, and their Temple Carpenter Ant team have your health and wellbeing covered at every step of our treatment process. Also, we are constantly studying new effective Eco-Friendly products and procedures for reliable and secure Carpenter Ant Extermination and Prevention.

It is essential to begin removing carpenter ants from your Temple, Maine buildings as soon as you realize their presence. However, getting rid of carpenter ants can be complicated. You will need the help of an experienced licensed and insured Temple Carpenter Ant Extermination Control Operator, who can help you get rid of your carpenter ant infestation most effectively and efficiently possible.

The Products We Use Are 100% Effective In Killing Carpenter Ants!

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Carpenter Ants Do Leave Signs That Let You Know You Need Our Temple Carpenter Ant Extermination Treatments

Carpenter ants search out structures that have wood with high moisture content. They chiefly nest in buildings that have water damage or large amounts of rotted wood. Soft, rotted wood makes it easier for carpenter ants to chew into and fabricate nesting places.

Often you can follow carpenter ants on the outside of a building, for example crawling up cinder block foundations, and watch where they enter. Sometimes, you’ll see small piles of sawdust around molding, window frames, and the like. If the sawdust is from a carpenter ant, the infested wood should be directly above the dustpile.

When inside your home, carpenter ants will look for any accessible food to eat, such as candy, sugar, syrup, fruit, bits of meat, butter, grease, and pet food. So keep your countertops clean and food stored in containers, or you may be calling us for our Temple Carpenter Ant Extermination Service.

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Rest Assured, The Products We Use Are 100% Effective In Killing Carpenter Ants!

These carpenter ants are making their way into a home via a frame around a window.
Call our Farmington Maine Pest Control Carpenter Ant Eradication pros if you see carpenter ants climbing up your cinder block foundation.
You need carpenter ant erradication if you see this type of sawdust arount wood.Thanks to Thadguidry, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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Temple Carpenter Ant Extermination News Report – All About The City Of Temple, Maine

Temple Carpenter Ant Extermination news report section photo: Temple Historical Society, formerly the historic No. 5 Schoolhouse

Temple Historical Society, formerly the historic No. 5 Schoolhouse, is a landmark one-room district schoolhouse at Intervale and Day Mountain Roads in Temple, Maine. Built in1810–11, it is one of the oldest surviving schoolhouses in western Maine and one of its longest-used, with a recorded history of academic usage extending to 1958.

Hill-farmers from Temple, New Hampshire, Old North Yarmouth, Maine, and nearby Farmington inhabited the town in 1796 and incorporated in 1803, populated with a strong community of Quakers. Initially a farming community, Temple started commercial three sawmills, an excelsior and stave mill, a grist mill, and a carriage factory. Its 1880 population of 580 was not much different from that of recent times. Mother nature also provided Temple with two beautiful ponds, the 64 acre Staples Pond and the 32 acre Drury Pond.

Temple has been and is a sanctuary for writers, poets, artists, and crafters, and the setting for several novels, biographies, and memoirs: Shawno (George Dennison), Temple (Dennison), Temple Stream: A Rural Odyssey (Bill Roorbach), Upcountry: Reflections from a Rural Life (Robert Kimber), A Soldier’s Son: An American Boyhood During World War II (John E. Hodgkins), and The Town that Ends the Road (Theodore Enslin).

The author George Dennison, who came from a bohemian life as an artist and well-known writer in 1960’s New York, moved to the outskirts of Temple in the late ’60s and died in his Temple home in 1987 at the age of 62. He said this of the people of Temple: “I’m more than ever aware of my alienation from them — my privileges, education, rewards — the whole of my experience. Their virtues impress me. They are all modest men, but they have great pride (tempered by their conventions of dependence — on job, government, etc. — though otherwise they are independent men). Their modest endurance, their unhappiness, their relative contentment. All were born here and are much attached to the way of life. . . . Their relations with each other are entirely without revelation of self . . . yet they seem actually to be held together by feelings of love and they care deeply for one another.” No more needs to be said of the people of Temple, since Mr. Dennison said it all so well.

The family business of Elliott Pest Control LLC, with their division Farmington Maine Pest Control and their Carpenter Ant Extermination team, wishes to extend thanks to the people of Temple for allowing us to serve their pest control issues.