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Our Carpenter Ant Extermination 3 Step Process Works!

Carpenter Ant Extermination phone calls start happening for Farmington Maine Pest Control during late May and early June. No Maine insect is more destructive and costly to homeowners than carpenter ants. With its fondness for nesting inside homes and weakening structural strength, Farmington Maine Pest Control recommends homeowners be on the watch for these summertime invaders.

Unfortunately, carpenter ants frequent the Northeast due to the cool, moist environment. Carpenter ants mainly dig into wet wood damaged by mold, but they will also nest inside openings of dry, undamaged wood. Though there are twenty-four species of carpenter ants in the United States, the black carpenter ant thrives in Maine and demands our Carpenter Ant Extermination expertise throughout the warm weather months.

The Products We Use Are 100% Effective In Killing Carpenter Ants!

At Farmington Maine Pest Control, you can always count on our Carpenter Ant Extermination team to deliver exceptional services at the best rates in the industry. We will help you find a solution to all your Carpenter Ant issues with our 3 Step Process.

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Step 1
Thorough Site Inspection

Assuming we determine you, in fact, have carpenter ants on your property, we will inspect your home inside and out. Our goal will be to locate any carpenter ant nests and exterminate all the ants no matter where we locate them on your property.

If we locate any major carpenter ant building destruction we will discuss your options for repairs.

Step 2
Choose Proper Products

Our carpenter ant extermination applications are environmentally safe. Rest assured that Farmington Maine Pest Control has your health and well-being foremost in the application process.

Our applications will not harm children, pets, or the plants around your home.

Step 3
Return The Following Year If you Wish

Generally, we like to return each year for another application. Having repeat applications each year will help keep carpenter ants from re-establishing a foothold on your property.

We will gladly set you up with our yearly plan if you wish, so you can rest easy with ongoing carpenter ant treatments.

Farmington Maine Pest Control gets calls for our Carpenter Ant Extermination experience, like in a case where Galleries dug by carpenter ant workers in a barn support beam. Thanks to China Wong, UNH.
Farmington Maine Pest Control Carpenter Ant Extermination is necessary before they get into the soft wood of your buildings.. Thanks to Credit: China Wong, UNH.
Often when out on a Carpenter Ant Extermination job, we'll find rotting trees infested with Carpenter ants. Thanks to wiki commons.

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Carpenter Ant Prevention Is As Important As Carpenter Ant Extermination Treatments

There are several steps you can take to prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of a carpenter ant infestation in your Maine home or business. Being proactive and following the procedures below is important. But, If you suspect a carpenter ant infestation, you need to know how to get rid of carpenter ants. But keep in mind, it’s always best you contact the licensed and insured Carpenter Ant Extermination professionals at Farmington Maine Pest Control who can assess the situation and find a solution.

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The Products We Use Are Harmless To You, Your Loved Ones, And Your Pets But, They Are 100% Effective In Killing Carpenter Ants!

Take These Steps To Help Prevent Carpenter Ants

  • Correct any dampness problems around your buildings, especially in spaces with drainage or ventilation problems such as poor plumbing.
  • Cut shrubbery and trees away from the house.
  • Repair all water-damaged or decayed wood. No wood should touch any soil.
  •  It’s best to remove stumps and dead trees within 50-foot around your buildings.
  • Don’t remove healthy trees.
  • Store firewood away from the house and in a shed. Only bring uninfested firewood inside that you plan to burn immediately.

Carpenter Ants Will Chew Through Home Foam Insulation, Soft Firewood Left On The Ground, And Rotting Wood On The Outside Of Your House To Get Into Damp Basements Where They Have Plenty Of Water And Food.

Carpenter ants carving galleries into sprayed in insulation foam.
Carpenter Ants love soft rotting firewood sitting on the ground.
Carpenter ants love working their way into damp basements where there is plenty of water and food.
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Want Carpenter Ants Gone? Get Eco-Friendly Carpenter Ant Extermination Treatments

Since a carpenter ant nest can be difficult to find and directly eliminate with treatment, our treatment spray goes onto the carpenter ants we see and the areas they travel. The treatment does not immediately kill a carpenter ant. But, when the product from the spray on the ant or picked up by the ant’s feet is carried back to the nest, the treatment eventually kills the entire nest.

We are constantly studying new effective Eco-Friendly procedures for reliable and secure carpenter ant extermination

Hiring Farmington Maine Pest Control and getting a Carpenter Ant Extermination treatment doesn’t mean toxic and hazardous chemicals to you, your family, or your pets. Our carpenter ant extermination methods are environmentally safe. Rest secure, Farmington Maine Pest Control, a division of Elliott Pest Control, LLC, has your health and wellbeing covered at every step of our treatment process.

These carpenter ants are making their way into a home via a frame around a window.
Call our Farmington Maine Pest Control Carpenter Ant Eradication pros if you see carpenter ants climbing up your cinder block foundation.
You need carpenter ant erradication if you see this type of sawdust arount wood.Thanks to Thadguidry, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons.