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Farmington Maine Pest Control decided to take on browntail moth control due to the increasing problems many people in Western Maine were encountering, like the destruction of valued trees and plants and the health concerns caused by these nuisance moths.

The browntail moth caterpillar feeds on numerous plants, but they often feed on Maine’s more familiar wild apple trees, oak trees, crabapple trees, and birch trees. Our browntail moth control specialist has also seen these caterpillars gobble down rose bushes after being knocked off a tree and onto the roses. Our browntail moth control expert has seen trees stripped bare in some Maine areas when these nuisance insects have managed to live through the winter on the tree.

A significant issue related to the health of humans is the browntail moth throughout most of its life and especially during its caterpillar phase, has protective, barbed hairs which break off and, for many individuals, cause skin rashes, headaches, and also breathing complications. Luckily, the hairs on the adult browntail moths are not toxic, so those hairs do not cause skin rashes or any other health issues. But, these health issues are another reason we felt compelled to take on browntail moth control in Western Maine.

How Our Browntail Moth Control Team Can Eradicate Browntail Moths

Farmington Maine Pest Control’s brown moth control team has strategies to eradicate the brown tail moth if found on your property and has methods designed to stop the problem from starting in the first place. We can inject trees before the budding process begins with a chemical that moves into the leaves but does not harm the tree or any other wildlife that nibbles on the leaves other than browntail moths who will soon die after a feeding. This method has some limitations if you live close to a water source.

Our browntail moth control technician can also spray trees before leaves open to control BTM caterpillars. Another option is an eco-friendly organic spray that is deadly to browntail caterpillars but will not harm mammals, birds, and other valuable insects.

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Photo:. We provide browntail moth control throught Westerm Maine. Thanks to Andrea Battisti, Universita di Padova, for photo use from
Photo at Browntail moth control page: The Browntail Moth was accidentally brought to New England from Europe around 1897. Thanks to Jan Samanek, Phytosanitary Administration, for photo use from
Photo at Browntail moth control page: The Browntail Moth is now active in July and August in Maine. Thanks to Jan Samanek, Phytosanitary Administration, for photo use from
Photo at Browntail moth control page: The Browntail Moth caterpillar has tiny poisonous hairs that cause dermatitis similar to poison ivy on sensitive individuals as well as other health issues. Thanks to Jan Samanek, Phytosanitary Administration, for photo use from

 Be Smart: Protect Yourself From Browntail Moths

For your protection, we recommend you avoid touching browntail moth caterpillars, pupae/cocoons, or the nests produced by these nuisance caterpillars without personal protective equipment such as eyewear, gloves, long sleeve shirts, and pants. Also, when hiking or spending time outdoors, stay on trails and don’t walk through bushes and shrubs, so you avoid accidental contact with browntail moths living within.

Farmington Maine Pest Controls Brown Moth Technicians Can Assist In Dramatically Reducing, If Not Eliminating, The Browntail Moths On Your Property By Eradicating The Moth Larvae Before They Emerge.

If you’ve found browntail moths on your Western Maine property, eradicating them is probably your main concern since you want to preserve your precious trees and avoid any contact that may impact your health. Fortunately, Farmington Maine Pest Control’s browntail moth control treatments are effective ways to get rid of browntail moths using our eco-friendly methods as well as other methods that demand a bit more care in the application. Take the time to give us a call at (207) 491-6961 so we can get someone out to your property and access your BTM problem, and provide you with our solutions.

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