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When spring comes, our carpenter ant eradication team starts getting the calls. Springtime in Maine means temperatures warm up, and homeowners and businesses get scared when they notice giant black ants in or outside their homes or business. More than likely, these giant ants are carpenter ants, so have good reason to be alarmed since they love digging into moist rotted wood on buildings, and they can cause extensive damage to soft materials, including insulation boarding.

The Products We Use Are 100% Effective In Killing Carpenter Ants!

It’s important you contact Farmington Maine Pest Control, a division of Elliott Pest Control, and get our carpenter ant treatments that will kill carpenter ants. Then, we suggest treatments continue from year to year for ultimate carpenter ant protection.

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Farmington Maine Pest Control gets calls for our Carpenter Ant Eradication experience, like in a case where Galleries dug by carpenter ant workers in a barn support beam. Thanks to China Wong, UNH.
Farmington Maine Pest Control Carpenter Ant Eradication is necessary before they get into the soft wood of your buildings.. Thanks to Credit: China Wong, UNH.
Often when out on a Carpenter Ant Eradication job, we'll find rotting trees infested with Carpenter ants. Thanks to wiki commons.
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Want Carpenter Ants Gone? Get Eco-Friendly Carpenter Ant Eradication Treatments

In the natural world, carpenter ants assist in decomposing dead, rotting trees by mining out the wood to make room for their nesting areas. In some instances, these scavenging carpenter ants might form a colony in one of your buildings or your home, gathering in cavities, such as hollow windows, doors, or the space between walls.

Carpenter ants are a problem for homeowners in the Farmington, Maine region. Unlike termites primarily found in Southern Maine, carpenter ants do not forage on the wood in buildings. Instead, they create cavities in the wood where they can nest. If left untreated, carpenter ants can cause significant structural damage to your home or business’s buildings.

Hiring Farmington Maine Pest Control and getting a Carpenter Ant Eradication treatment doesn’t mean toxic and hazardous chemicals. Our carpenter ant extermination methods are environmentally safe. Rest secure, Farmington Maine Pest Control, a division of Elliott Pest Control, LLC, has your health and wellbeing covered at every step of our treatment process. Also, we are constantly studying new effective Eco-Friendly procedures for reliable and secure carpenter ant eradication.

It is essential to begin removing carpenter ants as soon as you realize their presence. However, getting rid of carpenter ants can be complicated. You will need the help of an experienced licensed and insured Farmington Maine Pest Control Carpenter Ant Eradication Control Operator, who can help you get rid of your carpenter ant infestation most effectively and efficiently.

The Products We Use Are 100% Effective In Killing Carpenter Ants!

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Carpenter Ants Do Leave Signs That Let You Know You Need Carpenter Ant Eradication Treatments

Carpenter ants search out structures that have wood with high moisture content. They chiefly nest in buildings that have water damage or large amounts of rotted wood. Soft, rotted wood makes it easier for carpenter ants to chew into and fabricate nesting places.

Often you can follow carpenter ants on the outside of a building, for example crawling up cinder block foundations, and watch where they enter. Sometimes, you’ll see small piles of sawdust around molding, window frames, and the like. If the sawdust is from a carpenter ant, the infested wood should be directly above the dustpile.

When inside your home, carpenter ants will look for any accessible food to eat, such as candy, sugar, syrup, fruit, bits of meat, butter, grease, and pet food. So keep your countertops clean and food stored in containers, or you may be calling us for our Carpenter Ant Eradication Service.

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The Products We Use Are 100% Effective In Killing Carpenter Ants!

These carpenter ants are making their way into a home via a frame around a window.
Call our Farmington Maine Pest Control Carpenter Ant Eradication pros if you see carpenter ants climbing up your cinder block foundation.
You need carpenter ant erradication if you see this type of sawdust arount wood.Thanks to Thadguidry, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons.